2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Computer Science, Engineering and Technology Education

In order to prepare all students for demands of college, careers, and the rapidly changing workforce, MCPS will equip all high school students to reach their potential through engaging, hands-on programs and courses in Computer Science, Engineering, and Technology. The discipline of these technical subjects draws on abstract, concrete thinking, and higher-level problem solving, which prepares the modern student for the computational, analytical, and innovative thinking needed to thrive in the 21st century. MCPS utilizes external curriculum from national organizations such as Code.org, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and ITEEA to include units in coding, robotics and engineering design processes.

Additional engineering courses and additional computer science courses may be found in the Career Readiness Programs of Study section.
One credit in technology education is required for graduation. Courses that satisfy that requirement are listed below.
  • Foundations of Technology A/B
  • Foundations of Computer Science A/B
  • Introduction to Engineering Design A/B
  • AP Computer Science Principles A/B

2808 /2809Advanced Design Applications A/B
2810 /2811Advanced Technological Applications A/B
2901 /2902AP Computer Science Java A/B
2916 /2917Foundations of Computer Science A/B (TE)
2918 /2919AP Computer Science Principles A/B (TE)
2922 /2923Foundations of Computer Science A/B
2924 /2925AP Computer Science Principles A/B (Pathways)
2936 /2937Web Tools and Digital Media, Advanced A/B
2965 /2966Computer Programming 3 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science A/B
2989 /2990Computer Programming 1 A/B
2991 /2992Web Site Development A/B
5150 /5151Principles of Engineering A/B
5152 /5153Introduction to Engineering Design A/B
5161 /5162Foundations of Technology A/B

International Baccalaureate Computer Science Courses

2405 /2406IB Information Technology in a Global Society A/B
2818 /2819IB Computer Science 1 A/B
2820 /2821IB Computer Science 2 A/B

Blair and Poolesville Magnet Computer Science Courses

2951 /2952Fundamentals of Computer Science A/B
2953 /2954Algorithms and Data Structures A/B
2955 /0 Introduction to Networking
2956 /0 Analysis of Algorithms
2957 /0 Computer Graphics
2958 /0 Software Design
2959 /0 Computer Modeling and Simulation
2985 /0 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with LISP
2986 /0 Computational Methods
3558 /0 Computer-assisted Drafting Software