2020 - 2021 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Social Studies

Chart of Recommended or Required Course Sequences in Social Studies ( Show me )

The goal of social studies is to help create literate and well-informed citizens who actively participate in a democratic society.  Students learn how to become effective citizens through—

  • active engagement in the learning processes and skills of the social sciences and history;
  • development of a useful knowledge base in culture, economics, geography, history, and politics;
  • learning the fundamental structures of human systems of interaction and how these systems have developed over time (change)—human systems of interaction include culture, economics, geography, history, and political systems;
  • application of concepts and knowledge of the past to problem-solving real-world issues of the present;
  • application and evaluation of the role of an effective citizen, including putting citizen participation theory into practice;
  • effective use of multiple sources of investigation for research and learning, including technology, primary and secondary source materials, the arts, film, and oral history; and
  • development and communication of social studies concepts and knowledge using a variety of formats, with a special emphasis on analytic and persuasive writing.

Additional information regarding the MCPS Social Studies program can be found at http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/curriculum/socialstd/.


Three credits in social studies are required for graduation.
United States History A and B
National, State, and Local Government A and B
GRADE 11 or 12
Modern World History A and B

Social Studies Courses

2103 /0 History, African American
2104 /2105Government, United States and Politics with NSL, Advanced Placement A/B
2107 /2108Government - National, State, and Local (NSL) A/B
2110 /2112History, United States A/B
2111 /2113History, United States Honors A/B
2114 /2124History, United States, Advanced Placement A/B
2127 /2128Government - National, State, and Local (NSL) Honors A/B
2131 /0 Government, United States Government and Politics, Advanced Placement
2132 /2145Government, Comparative Government and Politics A/B, Advanced Placement
2141 /0 International Human Rights 1
2142 /0 International Human Rights 2
2204 /0 History, Latin American
2205 /0 History, Russian
2206 /0 History, Africa South of the Sahara
2208 /0 History, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
2209 /0 History, Medieval European
2210 /0 History, Ancient and Medieval
2212 /0 History, European
2214 /2215History, European A/B
2216 /2217History, European, Advanced Placement A/B
2218 /0 History, Eastern Asia
2219 /0 World Military History A/B
2221 /2222History, Modern World A/B
2223 /2224History, Modern World Honors A/B
2225 /0 Seminar in Peace Studies
2226 /0 History, The Middle East
2228 /2229Model United Nations A/B
2240 /2241History, World, Advanced Placement A/B
2303 /0 Economics
2304 /2313Psychology 1/2
2305 /2314Sociology 1/2
2309 /2329Cultural Anthropology A/B
2311 /0 Philosophy
2312 /0 Law I
2315 /0 Economics, Macroeconomics, Advanced Placement
2316 /0 Economics, Microeconomics, Advanced Placement
2318 /2319Humanities A/B
2320 /0 Comparative Religions
2330 /2331Psychology, Advanced Placement A/B
2332 /2333Human Geography, Advanced Placement A/B
2339 /2340Student Leadership A/B
2343 /0 Law 2
2347 /2348Global Issues in the 21st Century A/B

International Baccalaureate (IB) Social Studies Courses

2013 /2014IB GLOB POLIT A
2133 /2134MCPSPIB Government A/B
2230 /2231IB History 1 A/B
2232 /2233IB Psychology A/B
2234 /2235IB Economics A/B
2242 /2243IB Social and Cultural Anthropology A/B
2351 /2352IB GEOGRAPHY A
2403 /2404IB History 2 A/B
4139 /4140IB BuSiness Management A/B