2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Broadcast Media POS (4 credits required)

Students in the Broadcast Media program learn about career options in a field that is constantly evolving.  In the television and radio studio, analog, tape-based recording technology is being replaced by digital, computer-based recording.  International multimedia conglomerates have transformed the industry from a small number of local broadcasting outlets to a wide variety of audiences via hundreds of cable and satellite stations.  The explosion of new programming and technology options has opened myriad career oportunities for students to pursue.  These courses are career education electives. 

5166 /5167Radio Station Management/Operations A/B
5169 /5170Radio Production A/B
5171 /5172Electronic Audio Field Production A/B
5173 /5174Video Production A/B
5175 /5176Electronic Video Field Production A/B
5177 /5178Media Management and Production A/B
5310 /5311Guided Research - Arts, Humanities, Media, and Communications A/B

Print Technologies and Digital Graphics POS (4 credits required)

Students learn a variety of graphic design, imaging, and print-related skills to provide a foundation for all aspects of the graphic communications industry.  Students use the latest in digital imagery, design, and production with computer technology, including advanced photo editing, presentation software, illustration and drawing software, digital video hardware and editing software, and multimedia and web design.  Layout, design, and composition activities, as well as offset lithographic production and binding techniques, are included in the program.  Students learn processes such as 35 mm continuous tone photography and screen printing of cards, posters, and T-shirts.

2804 /2805Game Development A/B
2936 /2937Web Tools and Digital Media, Advanced A/B
2991 /2992Web Site Development A/B
5118 /5119Graphic Design & Digital Media TP A/B
5121 /5122Advanced Graphic Design & Applications TP A/B
5195 /5196Introduction to Interactive Media A/B
5310 /5311Guided Research - Arts, Humanities, Media, and Communications A/B
5717 /0 Internship, Arts, Humanities, Media and Communications
5717 /0 Internship, Arts, Humanities, Media and Communications