2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Justice, Law and Society POS (4 credits required)

The Justice, Law, and Society program prepares students for further education and careers in law enforcement, legal services, and government and public administration.  Students develop critical-thinking skills by solving real-world problems and analyzing public policy related to law, law enforcement, and government.  Students use information technology to access, analyze, and evaluate legal research and produce legal documents.  Students develop oral and written communication skills for use in presenting legal research and legal documents.  Students demonstrate knowledge of the American legal system, including the study of diverse areas of law, causes of crime, and the role of law enforcement, through case studies, interviews with industry representatives, and community service projects.  These courses are career education electives.

5134 /0 Contemporary Issues in Justice, Law, and Society DP
5142 /0 Internship - Law, Government, Public Safety and Administration
5144 /5145Contemporary Issues in Justice, Law, and Society A/B
5146 /5147Law and the Administration of Justice A/B
5148 /5149Justice, Law, and Society, Introduction A/B
5308 /5309Guided Research - Law, Government, Public Safety, and Administration A/B