2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Biotechnology POS (4 credits required)

Biotechnology is the application of concepts from biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology.  Biotechnology students develop and refine their laboratory and research skills as they improve their scientific investigative techniques.  Biotechnology provides an intensive hands-on laboratory program for students  utilizing the latest lab equipment and computer technology to investigate the intricacies of protein/DNA science.  Laboratory experiences include plant and animal tissue culture, microbiology, polymerase chain reaction techniques, biochemical environmental evaluation, and the latest techniques of recombinant DNA technology.  Only courses marked SC carry science credit.

3867 /3868Biotechnology, Molecular A/B Double Period (SC)
3869 /0 Internship, Biosciences (SC)
3871 /3872Biotechnology, Special Topics A/B
3875 /3876Guided Research in Biosciences A/B

Biomedical Sciences Project Lead the Way (PLTW) POS (4 credits required)

The Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences program prepares students to take advantage of the tremendous career opportunities available in health and science.  The hands-on, project- and problem-based national curriculum engages students, allows them to explore the wide variety of healthcare and science career options, and equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any post-secondary biomedical sciences or pre-professional program.  Students gain a broad foundation in science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies.  The curriculum incorporates engineering principles such as design process, feedback loops, and fluid dynamics.  Students will gain an awareness of the social, legal, and ethical issues surrounding technological advances related to the biomedical sciences.  Only courses marked SC carry science credit.

3681 /3682Human Body Systems A/B
3881 /3882Principles of Biomedical Science A/B
3885 /3886Biomedical Innovation A/B
5375 /5376Medical Interventions A/B

Academy of Health Professions POS (4 credits required)

The Academy of Health Professions utilizes project and problem-based learning, clinical experiences, and classroom and lab instruction to teach students about the field of health care.  Students are introduced to basic health-care knowledge and skills through two foundation courses:  Foundation of Medicine and Health Science and Structures and Functions of the Human Body.  Opportunities for students to apply foundational course knowledge to real-life health-care situations are offered through specialized course options such as Fundamentals of Pharmacy, Physical Rehabilitation Science, and Medical Science with Clinical Applications.  Students will have the opportunity to earn state and/or nationally recognized certifications and/or college credit through articulation agreements with local colleges.  Students may choose from several options for program completion.  These may include enrollment in a postsecondary institution, internship, or a guided research course. Students are strongly encouraged to complete four years of science.  At a minimum, students should take biology and chemistry while enrolled in the program. 

3684 /3685Fundamentals of Pharmacy A/B
3869 /0 Internship, Biosciences (SC)
3875 /3876Guided Research in Biosciences A/B
3887 /3888Physical Rehabilitation Science A/B
3889 /3890Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) with Clinical Applications A/B DP
4042 /4043Structures and Functions of the Human Body A/B
4044 /4045Foundations of Medicine and Health Science A/B
5415 /0 Internship, Medical Careers
5447 /0 Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) POS (4 credits required)

The Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) certification is used by the Maryland "Green Industry." Students complete a sequence of courses which include Foundations of Horticulture, Plant Production, and Landscape Design and Management.  Students have the opportunity to earn the Student-level CPH certification by taking and passing the insdustry exam.

5304 /5305Guided Research - Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resources A/B
5523 /5524Plant Production A/B
5535 /5536Foundations of Horticulture A/B
5656 /5657Landscape Design and Management A/B
5710 /0 Internship, Horticulture