2017 - 2018 MCPS High School Course Bulletin


Four credits in mathematics, including 1 credit in algebra and 1 credit in geometry are required for graduation.  Students who have successfully completed a calculus course may be exempted from the 4-credit requirement in mathematics.  Students must consult with their school counselors in advance to obtain full information about the credit waiver and its advisability.  

Students are strongly encouraged to have a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators are used on the High School Assessments (HSA), PSAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement examinations and in the courses leading to those examinations. 

All Maryland state colleges and universities require mathematics through Algebra 2 for admission.  In order to earn an MCPS Certificate of Merit (CM), a student must successfully complete Algebra 2.


Mathematics Courses

1142 /0 College Test Prep
3048 /3049Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations A/B
3051 /3052Geometry Support A/B
3053 /3054Bridge to Algebra 2 A/B
3111 /3112Algebra 1 A/B
3113 /3114Mathematical Approach to Problem Solving A/B
3121 /3122Quantitative Literacy A/B
3201 /3202Geometry A/B
3203 /3204Geometry, Honors A/B
3231 /3232Related Mathematics A/B
3301 /3302Algebra 2 A/B
3310 /3311Algebra 2, Honors A/B
3315 /33162YR ALGEBRA 2 A/B
3317 /33182YR ALGEBRA 2 C/D
3320 /3321Statistics, Advanced Placement, A/B
3322 /3323Statistics and Mathematical Modeling A/B
3350 /3351Precalculus, Honors A/B
3356 /3357Calculus with Applications A/B
3452 /3453Calculus AB, Advanced Placement, A/B
3489 /3490Precalculus A/B
3491 /3492Calculus BC, Advanced Placement, A/B

International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics Courses

3208 /3209MCPSPIB Geometry A/B
3306 /3307IB Analysis and Applications of Functions A/B
3410 /3418IB Math Studies A/B
3420 /3424IB Precalculus A/B
3454 /3455IB Mathematics SL A/B
3496 /3497IB HL Mathematics A/B

Blair and Poolesville Magnet Mathematics Courses

3038 /3039Magnet Geometry A/B
3041 /3042Magnet Functions A/B
3043 /3044Magnet Analysis 1A/B
3045 /3046Magnet Precalculus A,B
3047 /0 Magnet Precalculus C
3050 /0 Applied Statistics
3423 /0 Discrete Mathematics
3426 /0 Linear Algebra
3428 /0 Complex Analysis