2018 - 2019 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

College/Career Research and Development POS (4 credits required)

College/Career Research and Development is a two-year program of study that prepares students with academic, technical, and workplace skills necessary to pursue future education and employment in a career field of their interest upon graduation from high school.

5441 /5442Site-Based Work Experience A/B Double Period
8065 /8066Career Seminar A/B
8092 /8093College/Career Research and Development A/B

Career Education Internships

7813 /7816Internship, Student A/B
7818 /7819Internship, Student A/B Double Period
7822 /7823Internship, Student A/B Triple Period

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp Courses (JROTC)

Note:  JROTC does not satisfy the POS option for graduation.

Naval Science offered only at:
Gaithersburg, Kennedy, Paint Branch, Seneca Valley

Army JROTC offered only at: Magruder

7911 /7912Naval Science 1 A/B
7914 /7915Naval Science 2 A/B
7917 /7918Naval Science 3 A/B
7919 /7920Naval Science 4 A/B
7941 /7942ARMY JROTC 1 A/B
7944 /7945ARMY JROTC 2 A/B
7947 /7948ARMY JROTC 3 A/B
7950 /7951ARMY JROTC 4 A/B