2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Fine Arts

One credit in Fine Arts is required for graduation: Courses that satisfy the fine arts requirement are marked FA.

The purpose of the fine arts curriculum is to open the mindsof students to new worlds and cultures and enable them to creatively expressthemselves and value the multiple perspectives of others. Students are activelyinvolved learners in the arts. Through their experiences in the arts, theybecome creative and critical problem solvers, independent and divergentthinkers, self-motivated workers, and innovators.

Students are led in an exploration of self, others, and theworld in relation to the art forms. The fine arts—dance, music, theatre, andvisual arts—provide each generation with knowledge of other cultures, past andpresent, and are among humanity’s greatest aesthetic and intellectualachievements. The curricula in arts courses are guided by four artisticprocesses identified in the new MCPS Frameworks:  creating,performing/presenting, responding, and connecting. 



Students in dance classes do the following:

  • Utilize their own perceptual skills through choreography, performing, and response to dance.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of dance; its relationship to other significant components of human history and experience; and ways that it provides for individual, cultural, and creative expression.

  • Demonstrate their ability to create dance by improvising, organizing ideas, choreographing, and performing.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply criteria to make aesthetic judgments by interpreting and expressing their own ideas.


Students in music classes do the following:

  • Develop performance skills, including the use of voice,instruments, and other sound-producing media.

  • Create musical ideas through composing, arranging, and improvising.

  • Describe music through reading and writing music notation; listening to music; and employing their understanding of music verbally, visually, and through movement.


Students in Theatre classes do the following:

  • Recognize and describe the development of a variety of dramatic forms over time and the aesthetic qualities they reflect.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the history, traditions,conventions, dramatic texts and other literature of the theatre, and how diverse theories and theatre forms satisfy cultural needs—past and present.

  • Explore the creative process through theatrical activities and to apply theatrical knowledge, principles, and practices to collaborative theatre presentations.

  • Identify, analyze, and apply criteria for individual and group contributions to the collaborative theatre process, dramatic texts and other literature of the theatre, and theatrical performances and productions.

Visual Arts

Students in visual arts classes do the following:

  • Demonstrate the ability to perceive, interpret, and respond to ideas, experiences, and the environment through visual art.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of visual arts as a basic aspect of history and human experience.

  • Demonstrate the ability to organize knowledge and ideas for expression in the production of art.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and apply criteria to make visual aesthetic judgments.

Graduation Requirements

One credit in Fine Arts is required for graduation: Courses that satisfy the fine arts requirement are marked FA.


A variety of dance courses satisfy the graduation requirement for fine arts.  6017/6018, Dance as Fine Art, is described here.  Other dance courses are listed in the table above.  For their descriptions, see the Online Course Bulletin. Check with your counselor to find out what dance courses are offered at your school. 

All Dance courses may be repeated for elective credit.

6017 /6018Dance as Fine Art A/B
6062 /6063DANCE 2 A/B
6064 /6065DANCE 3 A/B
6066 /6067MODERN DANCE A/B
6070 /6071TAP DANCE 1 A/B
6072 /6073TAP DANCE 2 A/B
6074 /6075TAP DANCE 3 A/B
6076 /6077HIP HOP DANCE A/B
6080 /6081JAZZ DANCE 1 A/B
6082 /6083JAZZ DANCE 2 A/B
6084 /6085JAZZ DANCE 3 A/B
6086 /6087BALLET 1 A/B
6088 /6089BALLET 2 A/B
6090 /6091CHOREOGRAPHY 1 A/B

General Music

Public performances during and after school hours may be required to meet course objectives.

6520 /6521Piano 1 A/B
6535 /6536Piano 2 A/B
6545 /6546Music Theory and Composition A/B
6547 /6548Music Theory and Composition, Advanced Placement
6565 /6566Music Perspectives A/B
6585 /6586Guitar 1 A/B
6591 /6592Guitar 2 A/B
6605 /6607Music Technology A/B

Choral Music

6711 /6712Chorus 1 A/B
6721 /6722Chorus 2A/B
6731 /6732Chorus 3 A/B
6741 /6742Choir, Chamber A/B
6745 /6746Choir, Show A/B

Instrumental Music

6811 /6885Band, Beginning A/B
6821 /6822Band, Concert A/B
6826 /6827Band, Symphonic A/B
6831 /6832Band, Advanced A/B
6841 /6855Orchestra, Beginning A/B
6851 /6852Orchestra, Concert A/B
6861 /6862Orchestra, Advanced A/B
6866 /6867Orchestra, Symphonic A/B
6871 /6872Jazz Ensemble A/B


6904 /6905Musical Theatre A/B
6912 /0 Acting, Advanced
6913 /0 Stage Design
6914 /0 Play Directing
6926 /6927Theatre 1 A/B
6928 /6929Theatre 2 A/B
6993 /6994Production & Performance A/B

Visual Arts

6055 /6056Foundations of Art, Pre-Studio A/B
6205 /62062-D STUDIO ART 2 A/B
6313 /6314Advanced 2-D Studio Art 4 A/B
6343 /6344Darkroom Photography A/B
6345 /6346Photography 1 A/B
6347 /6348Photography 2 A/B
6355 /63562-D STUDIO ART 1 A/B
6365 /6366Painting A/B
6381 /6391Ceramics/Sculpture 1 A/B
6383 /6393Ceramics/Sculpture 2 A/B
6385 /6386Ceramics/Sculpture 3 A/B
6401 /6411Commercial Art A/B
6403 /6413Commercial Art 2 A/B
6451 /6452Art History A/B
6454 /6455Art and Culture A/B
6456 /6457Art History, Advanced Placement A/B
6460 /6461Visual Arts Center 2
6462 /6463Visual Arts Center 2 A/B
6464 /6465Visual Art Center 3 A/B
6466 /6467Visual Art Center 3 A/B
6468 /6469Visual Art Center 4 A/B
6470 /6471Visual Art Center 4 A/B
6482 /6483Studio Art Drawing, Advanced Placement
6484 /0 Studio Art Drawing, Advanced Placement
6486 /6472Studio Art 2-D, Advanced Placement
6487 /0 Studio Art 2-D, Advanced Placement
6488 /6473Studio Art 3-D, Advanced Placement
6489 /0 Studio Art 3-D, Advanced Placement
6490 /6491Visual Art Center 1 A/B
6492 /6493Visual Art Center 1 A/B
6496 /6497Digital Art 1 A/B
6498 /6499Digital Art 2 A/B

International Baccalaureate (IB) Fine Arts Courses

6102 /6103IB Visual Arts 1 A/B
6107 /6108IB Visual Arts 2 A/B
6567 /6568IB Advanced Music A/B
7202 /7203IB Film Studies 1 A/B
7204 /7205IB Film Studies 2 A/B
8071 /8072IB Theatre 1 A/B
8073 /8074IB Theatre 2 A/B