2020 - 2021 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program provides high-quality English language instruction that assists students with acquiring the basic interpersonal communication skills and essential academic language proficiency to function successfully in content classrooms. The program enrolls linguistically and culturally diverse students who require intensive instruction in English as a new language. Students are placed in an appropriate level, 1 through 5, of ESOL instruction based on their academic English language proficiency and for English credit.  ESOL classes provide instruction in the acquisition of Academic English, with specific emphasis on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed for success in a rigorous academic environment.  Students explore an understanding of the human experience from a multicultural perspective as they develop reading and writing skills across content areas.  They are exposed to developmentally appropriate texts representing the genres of literature and exposition, and they are taught to analyze text from a historical and cultural perspective.  Students develop competency in understanding spoken English, using grammatically correct English to express social and academic needs, and in organizing and clearly expressing their ideas in written English composition. Valuing and promoting the home language and culture of ESOL students fosters the understanding that literacy in one’s native language is essential to the transfer of skills across languages.  All educators in the schools collaborate to provide an effective education for ESOL students.

The METS program (Multidisciplinary Education Training, and Support) is designed for students who have had interrupted formal education.

The CREA (Career Readiness Education Academy) ESOL program is a career readiness program for older English Language Learners (ELLs) in MCPS. Students are referred to CREA if they are unlikely to meet graduation requirements by the time they age out at 21 years old.

1201 /1211ESOL Level 1 A/B
1202 /1212ESOL Level 2 A/B
1203 /1213ESOL Level 3 A/B
1204 /1214ESOL Level 4 A/B
1205 /1215ESOL LEVEL 5 A/B
1206 /1216ESOL Lab A/B
1217 /1218ESOL Level 1 Elective A/B
1219 /1220ESOL Level 2 Elective A/B
1224 /0 ESOL Advanced Communication
1225 /0 TOEFL Prep
1226 /1227ESOL Multimedia Arts Literacy A/B
1241 /1242Academic Language Class A/B
1243 /1244Language of Mathematics A/B
1246 /1247US Culture: Past and Present A/B
1248 /0 Academic Acceleration for English Language Learners
1250 /0 CREA English 1 and 2
1253 /1254METS ESOL Level 1 A/B
2102 /0 CREA English 3 and 4
3104 /0 CREA MATH 1 and 2
3534 /0 CREA Math 3 and 4
5392 /0 CREA Restaurant Management
5393 /0 CREA Hospitality and Tourism
5545 /0 CREA Automotive Topics
5684 /0 CREA Foundations of Construction
8094 /0 SEPA ESOL 1
8095 /0 SEPA ESOL 2
8096 /0 SEPA Cosmetology Topics
8097 /0 SEPA Culinary Arts Topics
8098 /0 SEPA Construction Topics
8099 /0 SEPA Automotive Topics