2019 - 2020 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Career Pathway Courses at

Arts, Humanities, Media, & Communications

Electronic Video Field Production A/B 5175/5176
Media Management and Production A/B 5177/5178
Video Production A/B 5173/5174

Biosciences, Health Science, & Medicine

Digital Electronics A/B 5156/5157
Introduction to Engineering Design A/B 5152/5153  (TE)
Principles of Engineering A/B 5150/5151  (TE)

Business Management and Finance

Accounting A/B 4111/4112  (TE)
Accounting, Advanced A/B, Honors 4113/4114  (TE)
Banking and Credit 4104  (TE)
Economics and the World of Finance 4106  (TE)
Entrepreneurship and Business Management 1 A/B 5450/5451  (TE)
International Finance 4107  (TE)
Personal Finance 4158  (TE)

Education, Training, & Child Studies

Child and Adolescent Development 1 A/B 4847/4848  (TE)

Engineering, Scientific Research, & Manufacturing

Civil Engineering and Architecture A/B 4255/4256  (TE)

Human and Consumer Ser, Hospitality, & Tourism

Culinary Essentials A/B 4825/4826  (TE)
International Cultures and Cuisines A/B 4630/4640  (TE)
Internship, Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality and Tourism 4816  (TE)

Information Technologies

AP Computer Science Java A/B 2901/2902  (TE)
Computer Programming 1 A/B 2989/2990  (TE)
Computer Programming 3 - Advanced Topics in Computer Science A/B 2965/2966  (TE)
Internship, NAF 5720  (TE)
Network Operations A/B Triple Period 4202/4203  (TE)
Network Operations Internship 4187  (TE)
Web Site Development A/B 2991/2992  (TE)

Law, Government, Public Safety, & Administration

ARMY JROTC 1 A/B 7941/7942  (TE)
ARMY JROTC 2 A/B 7944/7945  (TE)
ARMY JROTC 3 A/B 7947/7948  (TE)
ARMY JROTC 4 A/B 7950/7951  (TE)

Work-based Opportunities - Career Education

Internship, Student A/B 7813/7816  (TE)
Internship, Student A/B Double Period 7818/7819  (TE)
Internship, Student A/B Triple Period 7822/7823  (TE)
College/Career Research and Development A/B 8092/8093  (TE)
Site-Based Work Experience A/B Double Period 5441/5442  (TE)