Subject Area

Specific Credit Requirements

English 4 credits
Fine Arts 1 credit Selected courses in art, dance, drama/theatre, and music that satisfy the fine arts requirement are designated FA.
Health Education 0.5 credit
Mathematics 4 credits must include 1 full-year (A/B) algebra credit, and 1 geometry credit

NEW STATE REQUIREMENT FOR STUDENTS GRADUATING IN 2018 AND LATER: Students graduating in 2018 and later must be enrolled in a mathematics-based course each year of high school. This may result in students earning more than 4 credits in math for graduation. See the Mathematics Department offerings section for more detail.
Physical Education 1 credit
Science 3 credits including at least 1 biology credit (BC) and 1 physical science credit (PC). See the Science, Technology and Engineering Department offerings section for more detail.
Social Studies 3 credits must include 1 U.S. History credit; 1 World History credit; and 1 National, State, and Local (NSL) Government credit
Technology Education
Electives: The additional credits required for graduation may be fulfilled by one of the following three options
2 credits
in a world language
OR 2 credits in american sign language
AND 2.5 credits in elective courses
2 credits in advanced technology education (AT)
AT AND 2.5 credits in elective courses. TE course do not count as AT course credit
4 credits in a state-approved career and technology program AND
0.5 credit in electives courses
Student Service Learning (SSL) 75 service-learning hours
Up-to-date graduation requirements by class may be found at Graduation Requirements

Promotion Regulation
MCPS Regulation JEB-RA, Placement, Promotion, Acceleration, and Retention of Students, (, requires that high school students earn 5 credits each year in order to be promoted, including specific required credits in English, mathematics, science, and social studies, as indicated in the chart below.

End Of:

Total Credits Needed for Promotion to Next Grade

Total Credits in Required Courses




Social Studies

Other Courses - See Options Required for Graduation

Grade 9 5 1 1 0 0 3
Grade 10 10 2 2 1 1 4
Grade 11 15 3 3 2 2 5

** MCPS requirements that extend state requirements are designated by double asterisk.