2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

AGB2016A/AGB2016B Natural Resources and Ecology A

0.5 credit per semester

The Natural Resources and Ecology course is a foundation course within the CASE sequence of courses. The course provides students a variety of experiences that in the fields of natural resources and ecology. Students will explore hands-on projects and activities while studying topics such as land use, water quality, stewardship, and environmental agencies. Study of the natural world including biomes, land, air, water, energy, use and care as well as a focus on issues surrounding man's interaction with the Earth will be addressed in this course. Students will select an ecosystem to study throughout the course and apply principles of natural resources and ecology from each unit of study to that ecosystem. The units in Natural Resources and Ecology include the following: Conservation, Preservation, Exploitation; Mother Earth; Water Works; Lighter than Air; Earth's Energy; Flora and Fauna; Farming, Forestry, and Ferrous; We the People; and Past, Present, Future.

9 - 10 - 11 - 12
No repeats for credit
Double period

Special Program or Cluster Designations:
  • Career Clusters and Career and Technology Education - Environmental, Agricultural & Natural Resources
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