2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

AGB2018A/AGB2018B Agricultural Research and Development A

0.5 credit per semester

Agriculture, Research, and Development (ARD) is the completer course for the CASETM pathway. Instruction and continued inquiry-based projects are designed to integrate learning from pathway courses and have students apply them to real-world career situations through student-directed research, Supervised Agriculture Experiences projects, or other internship/work-based learning opportunities. Students will apply learning from previous courses to synthesize a research project to further expand their understanding and knowledge surrounding a specific problem. Students will identify a problem, develop and implement research procedures, document the research, analyze the resulting data, and present their findings and recommendations through a written report, a visual display, and oral presentation. The ARD course includes the following units of study: Defining Agricultural Research and Development, Problems and Solutions, Methodology, Collecting & Analyzing Data, and Communicating Results.

9 - 10 - 11 - 12
No repeats for credit
Double period

Special Program or Cluster Designations:
  • Career Clusters and Career and Technology Education - Environmental, Agricultural & Natural Resources
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