2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

BHP2018A/BHP2018B Medical Career Science A

0.5 credit per semester

Health Science courses integrate chemistry, microbiology, chemical reactions, disease processes, growth and development, and genetics with anatomy and physiology of the body systems. Typically, these courses reinforce science, mathematics, communications, health, and social studies principles and relate them to health care.

Grade of B or better in Biology A/B or Chemistry A/B
Biology A/B or Chemistry A/B (one must be completed prior to enrolling)and Medical Careers A/B
9 - 10 - 11 - 12
No repeats for credit

Special Program or Cluster Designations:
  • Career Clusters and Career and Technology Education - Biosciences, Health Science, & Medicine
  • Thomas Edison HS of Technology - Biosciences, Health Science, and Medicine Cluster
  • Additional Course Information: