2023 - 2024 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Computer Science, Engineering and Technology Education

To prepare all students for demands of college, careers, and the rapidly changing 21st century workforce, MCPS provides a variety of engaging, hands-onofferings in computer science, engineering, and technology. In these courses, students apply mathematics, science, and technical knowledge while usingcomputational and design thinking to innovate and solve relevant problems. The interdisciplinary nature of these technical subjects and a problem-basedlearning approach fosters creativity and critical thinking along with the communication and collaboration skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.MCPS utilizes external curriculum from national organizations such as Code.org, Apple, CISCO Networking Academy, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), andInternational Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) to include experiences in coding, robotics, and engineering design processes.

Many MCPS computer science, engineering, and technology education courses, such as Foundations of Computer Science and Foundations ofEngineering and Technology are designed to be accessible to students with no previous experience. For students who have taken technology-related courses in middle school or participated in related extracurricular experiences, consider beginning with AP Computer Science or a rigorouscareer readiness program such as an Information Technology program, Computer Science/Code.org, Mobile Applications and Software Development(Apple), or Project Lead the Way Engineering.

One credit in technology education is required for graduation. Courses that satisfy that requirement are listed below.
  • Foundations of Technology A/B
  • Foundations of Computer Science A/B
  • Foundations of Engineering & Technology A/B
  • Introduction to Engineering Design A/B
  • AP Computer Science Principles, TE A/B
  • IB Computer Science 1 TE A/B

Computer Science Courses

TEC2002A / TEC2002BFoundations of Computer Science TE A
TEC2005A / TEC2005BAP Computer Science Principles TE A
ITC2007A / ITC2007BAP Computer Science Java A
ITC2012A / ITC2012BWeb Tools and Digital Media Advanced A
ITC2021A / ITC2021BComputer Programming 3-Advanced Topics in Computer Science A
ITC2024A / ITC2024BComputer Programming 1A
ITC2025A / ITC2025BWebsite Development A
ITC2006A / ITC2006BCybersecurity Capstone TP A
ITC2060A / ITC2060BCybersecurity Capstone DP A

Technology Education Engineering Course

TEC2000A / TEC2000BFoundations of Technology A
TEC2007A / TEC2007BAdvanced Design Applications A
TEC2008A / TEC2008BAdvanced Technology Applications A
TEC2017A / TEC2017BIntroduction to Engineering Design A

International Baccalaureate Computer Science Courses

ITC2000A / ITC2000BIB Information Technology in a Global Society A
ITC2064A / ITC2064BIB Information Technology in a Global Society A
ITC2005A / ITC2005BIB Computer Science 2A

Blair and Poolesville Magnet Computer Science Courses

ITC2013A / ITC2013BFnd Computer Sci A
ITC2014A / ITC2014BAlgorithm Data A
ITC2015Intro Networking
ITC2016Analysis Algorithms
ITC2017Computer Graphics
ITC2018Software Design
ITC2019Modeling Simulation
ITC2022Intro AI/LISP
ITC2023Computational Methods
ENR2006Computer AssitDraftSoftw