2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Audiovisual Communications and Broadcast Technologies

The Audiovisual Communications and Broadcast Technologies program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to the
production of radio, television, and digital media program, and related operations. The program includes instruction in sound, lighting, and
camera operation and maintenance; power and feed control; studio operations; production preparation; broadcast engineering; related computer
applications; and specialized applications such as news, entertainment, live talk, sports, commercials, and taping. The program comprises a
foundation course, two courses focused on a specific specialization in audiovisual communications production, and a final culminating course.

AMC2007A / AMC2007BIntro Interactive Media A
AMC2004A / AMC2004BVideo Production A
AMC2005A / AMC2005BElec Video Field Production A
AMC5120CE Adv Media
AMC2009Intern Art Media
AMC2008A / AMC2008BResearch Art Media A

Interactive Media Production

Interactive Media Production (IMP) provides students with a strong foundation in arts and communication, with particular emphasis on
design, graphic and media communications, interactive technologies, and project development. Throughout the program, students produce an
assortment of three-dimensional models, two-dimensional animations, layered images, streaming media, and web pages. They also will use a
variety of software applications to design “apps” and develop video games.
Industry Certifications that Students May Earn Postsecondary

AMC2007A / AMC2007BIntro Interactive Media A
ITC2002A / ITC2002BGame Develop A
ITC2003A / ITC2003BAdv Game Development A
AMC2008A / AMC2008BResearch Art Media A

Graphics Communications

Students learn a variety of graphic design, imaging, and print-related skills to provide a foundation for all aspects of the graphic communications
industry. Students use the latest in digital imagery, design, and production with computer technology, including advanced photo editing,
presentation software, illustration and drawing software, digital video hardware and editing software, and multimedia and web design. Layout,
design, and composition activities as well as offset lithographic production and binding techniques, are included in the program.
Students learn processes such as 35 mm continuous tone photography and screen printing of cards, posters, and T-shirts.

CON2010A / CON2010BPrint Tech DigGraph 1A TP
CON2011A / CON2011BPrint Tech DigGraph 2A TP