2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Fire Science and EMT

FIRE SCIENCE AND EMT POS The Fire Science and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program prepares juniors and seniors for a variety of careers in fi re prevention, management, and emergency medical technology. Students will divide their time between their home high school and the Public Safety Training Academy. While the program is open to all MCPS students, MCPS will provide transportation to the Training Academy from the following schools: Clarksburg, Damascus, Gaithersburg, Northwest, Magruder, Rockville, Seneca Valley, and Watkins Mill. During the program, students are expected to maintain 90 percent attendance and a minimum grade of 70 percent on all assessments. Students are required to complete a minimum of 393 hours of work-based learning and take the seven certification exams. The program culminates with the opportunity to receive college credit.

PGS2013A / PGS2013BFire and Rescue 1A TP
PGS2017A / PGS2017BFire Rescue 2A TP

Justice, Law and Society

The Justice, Law, and Society program prepares students for further education and careers in law enforcement, legal services, and government and public administration. Students develop critical-thinking skills by solving real-world problems and analyzing public policy related to law, law enforcement, and government. Students use information technology to access, analyze, and evaluate legal research and produce legal documents. Students develop oral and written communication skills for use in presenting legal research and legal documents. Students demonstrate knowledge of the American legal system, including the study of diverse areas of law, causes of crime, and the role of law enforcement through case studies, interviews with industry representatives, and community-service projects. These courses are career education electives.

PGS2000A / PGS2000BIntro to Justice Law Society A
PGS2001A / PGS2001BLaw and Admin Justice A
PGS2002A / PGS2002BContemp Issues Justice Law Society A
PGS2003Intern Law Gov Safety Admin
PGS2011A / PGS2011BResearch Law Government A
PGS5056CL Adv Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement and Leadership

The Law Enforcement and Leadership program includes three core courses that all students must complete. In addition, students must complete a 4th credit through either an internship, capstone, or dual enrollment. This POS focuses on introducing students to the guiding principles of public safety and law enforcement. The course will provide students with many hands-on experience through the use of simulations, structured debates, and inquiry projects. In collaboration with the Montgomery County Police Department, experts from a variety of related criminal justice and law enforcement careers will provide students with real-life applications of course content. Leadership principles also will be incorporated in the course as an essential component of law enforcement and public-safety-related careers.

PGS2007Found Law Enforcement DP
PGS2005A / PGS2005BLaw Enforce Emerg Prep A
PGS2022Law Enforce Emerg Preparedness
PGS2008Admin Law and Justice DP
PGS2009A / PGS2009BResearch Law Enforcement Ldr A
PGS2010A / PGS2010BLaw Enforcement Intern A
PGS5056CL Adv Criminal Justice

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC)

The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) program is a character and leadership-development program that is a cooperative effort between the U.S. Armed Forces and the high schools to produce successful students and citizens. MCPS offers programs associated with the army and navy. The purpose of JROTC is to instill in U.S. students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, and personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Industry Certifications that Students

JRO2000A / JRO2000BNaval Science 1A
JRO2001A / JRO2001BNaval Science 2A
JRO2002A / JRO2002BNaval Science 3A
JRO2003A / JRO2003BNaval Science 4A
JRO2004A / JRO2004BArmy Jr ROTC 1A
JRO2005A / JRO2005BArmy Jr ROTC 2A
JRO2006A / JRO2006BArmy Jr ROTC 3A
JRO2007A / JRO2007BArmy Jr ROTC 4A