2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

English Language Arts and Reading

Four credits in English are required for graduation: English 9, English 10, English 11 and English 12. Courses that satisfy theses requirements are described below: The goal of the English Language Arts program is to help students develop into literate, thoughtful communicators, capable of controlling language effectively as they negotiate an increasingly complex, information-rich world.  

Aligned with the ELA Common Core State Standards, all English courses give students opportunities to refine specific skills and strategies in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing to prepare them for the literacy demands of college and careers. Studying a variety of texts that are diverse in terms of cultural perspectives, time periods, and ideas about the human experience, students use evidence and reasoning to write increasingly complex arguments, analyses, and narratives.  As they develop more nuanced perspectives, students appreciate literature and media as catalysts for inquiry and reflection, readying them to participate in a civil and democratic society.  

Four Credits in English are Required for Graduation

English 9A and 9B OR
English 9A and 9B Honors

English 10A and 10B OR
English 10A and 10B Honors

English 11A and 11B OR
English 11A and 11B Honors OR
Advanced Placement English

English 12A and 12B OR
English 12A and 12B Honors OR
Advanced Placement English

ENG2000A / ENG2000BEnglish 9A
ENG2001A / ENG2001BHon English 9A
ENG2002A / ENG2002BEnglish 10A
ENG2003A / ENG2003BHon English 10A
ENG2004A / ENG2004BEnglish 11A
ENG2005A / ENG2005BHon English 11A
ENG2006A / ENG2006BEnglish 12A
ENG2007A / ENG2007BHon English 12A
ENG2031A / ENG2031BAP Language and Comp A
ENG2032A / ENG2032BAP Literature and Comp A
ENG2048A / ENG2048BCreative Writing A
ENG2069Inform Argument Speaking
ENG2070Oral Interp Media Study
ENG2053A / ENG2053BJournalism A
ENG2054Techniques of Adv Journl
ENG2055Pubs Edit/Biz
ENG2033Culture In Lit
ENG2072Media In Society
ENG2073Literature As Film
ENG2039African American Lit
ENG2040Graphic Novel Lit
AMC2014TV Production 1
AMC2015TV Production 2
ENG2042Literacy in Digital Age 1
NSS2000College Test Prep
ENG2052Developmental Reading
ENG2051A / ENG2051BAcademic Reading A
ENG2019A / ENG2019BAcademic Reading A DP
ENG2018Basic Reading
ENG2065College Prep Lit 1
ENG2066College Prep Lit 2
ENG2042Literacy in Digital Age 1
ENG2067College Prep Lit 3
ENG2068College Prep Lit 4

International Baccalaureate (IB) English Courses

ENG2036A / ENG2036BIB English Literature 1A
ENG2037A / ENG2037BIB English Literature 2A
ENG2045A / ENG2045BIB English Lang Lit 1A
ENG2046A / ENG2046BIB English Lang Lit 2A
ENG2038IB Extnded Essay