2017 - 2018 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Science, Engineering, and Technology Education

We live in a world that is dominated by the influences of science and technology.  The ability to make informed decisions as voters and consumers requires an understanding and appreciation of the nature of science.  Since science is both a body of knowledge and a process of investigation, these two components are integral parts of each science course offering.  Students should expect a rigorous course of study that encourages higher-level reasoning, incorporates the use of technology, and involves laboratory inquiry.  Skills in reading, writing, and mathematics are important components of science instruction.  Science courses are carefully aligned with the National Science Education Standards and the Maryland Science Content Standards and develop appropriate skills for the HSA.  All students are encouraged to take four years of science that provide a balance of the life sciences and the physical sciences. Science offers a network of course choices and pathways.  All possible pathways cannot be easily diagrammed.  Students are encouraged to follow a science pathway based on their needs and interests.

Alternatives to Dissection
Dissection is one of many instructional methods that may be used in Biology and AP Biology. Students may request from the teacher alternatives to dissection in Biology and AP Biology. Alternatives may include such materials as videos, computer programs, films, filmstrips, models, transparencies, charts, diagrams, and textbook overlays. Dissections are required in Anatomy and Physiology. Alternatives to this course include AP Biology and other advanced-level science courses.

Requirements for Graduation

BC-Satisfies biology requirement
PC-Satisfies physical science requirement
SC-Satisfies third science credit

Three science credits are required for graduation.  One biology credit BC and one physical science credit PC must be included in the three credits. Courses designated as SC may be used to satisfy the third science credit.  Maryland state colleges and universities require two laboratory sciences for admission.  All listed science courses, except internship courses, meet the criteria for laboratory science.

The following courses meet the state graduation requirement for 1 credit in Technology Education:  Foundations of Technology A/B, 5161/5162; Principles of Engineering A/B, 5150/5151; Introduction to Engineering Design A/B, 5152/5153; and Designing Technology Solutions A/B 2812/2813.

Advanced Design Applications A/B, 2808/2809, and Advanced Technological Applications, 2810/2811, meet the state graduation requirements for Option 2 required electives. 

Science, Technology, and Engineering Courses

2808 /2809Advanced Design Applications A/B
2810 /2811Advanced Technological Applications A/B
2812 /2813Designing Technology Solutions A/B
3511 /3512Internship, Science A/B (SC)
3521 /3522Internship, Science A/B (Double period) (SC)
3560 /3561Nutrition Science A/B (PC)
3562 /3563Nutrition Science, Honors A/B (PC)
3576 /3577Geoscience Explorations: Earth Systems and Hazards PC
3578 /3579Geoscience Explorations: Resources & Paleontology PC
3611 /3612Applied Science A/B (SC)
3621 /3622Biology, Honors A/B (BC)
3631 /3632Biology A/B (BC)
3636 /3637Biotechnology A/B (SC)
3641 /3642Biology, Advanced Placement A/B (BC)
3651 /3652Biology, Advanced Placement A/B (Double period) (BC)
3653 /3654Molecular Biology A/B (Double period) (BC)
3655 /0 Wildlife Biology (SC)
3656 /0 Biological Anthropology/Archaeology (SC)
3657 /3658Molecular Biology A/B (BC)
3659 /3660Environmental Science, Advanced Placement A/B (SC)
3661 /3662Environmental Science A/B (SC)
3671 /3672Horticultural Science A/B (SC)
3674 /3675Environmental Science, Honors A/B (Double period) (SC)
3676 /3677Environmental Science, Honors A/B (SC)
3711 /3712Chemistry, Honors A/B (PC)
3721 /3722Chemistry A/B (PC)
3741 /3742Chemistry, Advanced Placement A/B (PC)
3749 /3750Matter and Energy A/B (PC)
3751 /3752Chemistry, Advanced Placement A/B (Double period) (PC)
3761 /3762Anatomy and Physiology A/B (BC)
3764 /3765Matter and Energy, Honors A/B (PC)
3766 /3767Environmental Chemistry A/B PC
3821 /3822Physics A/B, Honors (PC)
3827 /3828Physics C (Elec Mag), AP A/B PC
3829 /3830Physics C (Mech), AP A/B PC
3831 /3832Physics A/B (PC)
3835 /3836Physics C (MEM), AP A/B PC
3856 /3857Astronomy A/B (PC)
3864 /3865Forensic Science A/B (SC)
3893 /3894Physics 2, Advanced Placement A/B PC
3941 /3942Physical Science A/B (PC)
3944 /3945Integrated & Applied Physical Science A/B PC
5150 /5151Principles of Engineering A/B
5152 /5153Introduction to Engineering Design A/B
5161 /5162Foundations of Technology A/B

Medical Career Courses

International Baccalaureate (IB) Science Courses

3606 /3607IB Biology A/B DP
3634 /3635MCPSPIB Biology A/B
3686 /3687IB Sports, Health, and Exercise Science A/B
3744 /3745MCPSPIB Chemistry A/B
3746 /3747IB Chemistry 1 A/B
3757 /3758IB Environmental Systems A/B
3844 /3845IB Physics 1 A/B
3846 /3847IB Physics 2 A/B

Blair and Poolesville Magnet Science Courses

3531 /0 Advanced Science 1, Physics
3532 /0 Advanced Science 2, Chemistry
3537 /3538Advanced Science 3: Earth Space Systems A/B
3539 /3540Advanced Science 4: Biology A/B
3541 /0 Advanced Science 3, Earth/Space Sciences
3542 /0 Advanced Science 4, Biology
3543 /0 Optics
3544 /0 Thermodynamics
3545 /0 Analytical Chemistry
3546 /0 Materials Science
3547 /3548Advanced Topics in Earth Science A/B
3551 /0 Cellular Physiology
3553 /0 Marine Biology
3554 /0 Introductory Genetic Analysis
3556 /0 Quantum Physics
3557 /0 Origins of Science
3614 /0 Introductory Physical Chemistry