2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program provides high-quality English language development instruction aligned to grade level content standards in English Language Arts. These courses focus on helping students develop the academic language proficiency needed to be able to learn content knowledge, skills, and processes and effectively use language to communicate proficiently in mainstream courses.

These courses are designed for the rapid mastery of the English language, focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. ESOL courses usually begin with extensive listening and speaking practice, building on auditory and oral skills, and support the development of reading and writing. These courses provide an explanation of grammatical structures of the English language, enabling students to progress from a basic understanding of English words and verb tenses to a more comprehensive grasp of various formal and informal styles to prepare them for grade-level mainstream English courses. ESOL classes may also include an orientation to the customs and culture of the diverse population in the United States. ESOL students can only receive up to two English credits from ELD courses for up to four semesters (e.g., English for Beginning ELs, English for Intermediate ELs, and English for Advanced ELs).

These courses provide opportunities for students to develop their competency in understanding spoken English, using vocabulary and language structures correctly in context, and engaging in extensive academic discourse. They receive instruction from grade-level curriculum resources and complex texts that represent various genres of narration, poetry, drama, and exposition and are taught to analyze text from cultural and historical perspectives. Valuing and promoting the home language and culture of ESOL students fosters the understanding that literacy skills can be transferred across languages. It is critical that all educators in each school collaborate to support the academic success of ESOL students.

ESL2060A / ESL2060BEnglish 9A for English Learners I
ESL2061A / ESL2061BEnglish 10A for English Learners I
ESL2061A / ESL2061BEnglish 10A for English Learners I
ESL2063A / ESL2063BEnglish 9A for English Learners II
ESL2064A / ESL2064BEnglish 10A for English Learners II
ESL2066A / ESL2066BEnglish 9A for English Learners III
ESL2067A / ESL2067BEnglish 10A for English Learners III
ESL2069A / ESL2069BEnglish Lang Dev Seminar EL 1A
ESL2070A / ESL2070BEnglish Lang Dev Seminar EL 2A
ESL2071A / ESL2071BEnglish Lang Dev Seminar EL 3A