2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Career Pathway Courses at

Biosciences, Health Science, & Medicine

Digital Electronics A ENR2014A/ENR2014B
Introduction to Engineering Design A TEC2004A/TEC2004B  (TE)
Principles of Engineering TE A TEC2003A/TEC2003B  (TE)

Engineering, Scientific Research, & Manufacturing

Civil Engineering A ENR2009A/ENR2009B  (TE)

Information Technologies

AP Computer Sci JAVA A ITC2007A/ITC2007B  (TE)

Work-based Opportunities - Career Education

Internship A WBL2004A/WBL2004B  (TE)
Internship DP A WBL2005A/WBL2005B  (TE)
Internship TP A WBL2006A/WBL2006B  (TE)
College Career A NSS2035A/NSS2035B  (TE)