2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Science at Poolesville HS

Adv Sci1 Physics DP  SCI2010
Adv Sci2 Chemistry DP  SCI2011
Adv Sci3 Earth SpSys A  SCI2012A/SCI2012B
Adv Sci4 Biology A  SCI2013A/SCI2013B
Anatomy and Physiology A  SCI2060A/SCI2060B
AP Biology A DP  SCI2041A/SCI2041B
AP Chemistry A DP  SCI2059A/SCI2059B
AP Environmental Sci A  SCI2046A/SCI2046B
AP Physics DP A  SCI2067A/3852
Biology A  SCI2000A/SCI2000B
Cellular Physiology  SCI2021
Environmental Science Biology A  SCI2049A/SCI2049B
Environmental Science Physics A  SCI2050A/SCI2050B
Forensic Sci A  SCI2069A/SCI2069B
Hon Biology A  SCI2001A/SCI2001B
Hon Chemistry A  SCI2004A/SCI2004B
Hon Matter Energy A  SCI2061A/SCI2061B
Hon Physics A  SCI2006A/SCI2006B
Intern Science A DP  SCI2009A/SCI2009B
Intern-Science A  SCI2008A/SCI2008B
Intro Genetic Analysis DP  SCI2023
Marine Biology  SCI2022
Materials Science  SCI2019
Physical Science A  SCI2074A/SCI2074B
Quantum Physics  SCI2024
Thermodynamics  SCI2017
Wildlife Biology  SCI2043
Adv Tech Applications A  TEC2008A/TEC2008B
Found Of Tech A  TEC2000A/TEC2000B
Introduction to Engineering Design A  TEC2004A/TEC2004B   (TE)
Principles of Engineering TE A  TEC2003A/TEC2003B   (TE)