2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

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Global Ecology House
Guided Research A ENR2002A/ENR2002B
Research Design Career TEC2011
Research Exp EngrProbSolv ENR2001
Research Exp ProbSolv 2A TEC2010A/TEC2010B
Research Project A ENR2004A/ENR2004B
Environmental Science Biology A SCI2049A/SCI2049B
Environmental Science Physics A SCI2050A/SCI2050B
H Phs Env Sci 1A SCI2048A/SCI2048B
Research and Experimentation for Problem Solving 1 A TEC2009A/TEC2009B
Research Project DP A ENR2005A/ENR2005B
Humanities House
CAP Adv Comp A ENG2050A/ENG2050B
CAP CRT Script Writing ENG2057
CAP Journalism A ENG2056A/ENG2056B
CAP News Writing ENG2058
Criticism in Humanities A ENG2059A/ENG2059B
Hon Chemistry A SCI2004A/SCI2004B
Hon NSL Government A SOC2004A/SOC2004B
CAP Photography ART2036
CAP Adv Production A AMC2013A/AMC2013B
CAP Guided Research A ITR2001A/ITR2001B
CAP News Production AMC2012
CAP Research Methods ITR2000
CAP Research Project A NSS2003A/NSS2003B
CAP TV Studio Production AMC2011
CAP Writing News AMC2010
Science, Mathematics & Computer Science House
Algorithm Data A ITC2014A/ITC2014B
Analysis Algorithms ITC2016
Computational Methods ITC2023
Computer AssitDraftSoftw ENR2006
Computer Graphics ITC2017
Fnd Computer Sci A ITC2013A/ITC2013B
Intro AI/LISP ITC2022
Intro Networking ITC2015
Modeling Simulation ITC2019
Software Design ITC2018
Adv Sci1 Physics DP SCI2010
Adv Sci2 Chemistry DP SCI2011
Adv Sci3 Earth SpSys A SCI2012A/SCI2012B
Adv Sci3 Earth SpSys DP SCI2014
Adv Sci4 Biology A SCI2013A/SCI2013B
Adv Topics Earth Sci A SCI2020A/SCI2020B
Analytical Chemistry SCI2018
Cellular Physiology SCI2021
Intro Genetic Analysis DP SCI2023
Intro Physical Chemistry SCI2036
Marine Biology SCI2022
Materials Science SCI2019
Optics SCI2016
Origins Of Science SCI2025
Quantum Physics SCI2024
Thermodynamics SCI2017
Applied Stat MAT2039
Complex Analysis MAT2055
Discrete Math MAT2053
Linear Algebra MAT2054A/MAT2054B
Mag Analysis 1A MAT2037A/MAT2037B
Mag Functions A MAT2036A/MAT2036B
Mag Precalculus A MAT2029A/MAT2029B
Mag Precalculus C MAT2030C
MV Calc/Dif Eq A MAT2038A/MAT2038B