2023 - 2024 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

English at Montgomery Blair HS

Academic Reading A  ENG2051A/ENG2051B
CAP CRT Script Writing  ENG2057
CAP Journalism A  ENG2056A/ENG2056B
CAP Oral Interp  ENG2071
College Prep Literacy 1  ENG2065
College Prep Literacy 2  ENG2066
College Prep Literacy 4  ENG2068
College Test Prep  NSS2000
Creative Writing A  ENG2048A/ENG2048B
Developmental Reading  ENG2052
Journalism A: Editing, Gathering and Reporting the News  ENG2053A
Journalism B: Advanced News Writing and Paper Production  ENG2053B
Literature As Film  ENG2073
Media In Society  ENG2072
Oral Interpretation and Media Study  ENG2070
PARCC HSA Workshop  NSS2001
Publications Editing, Layout, and Business Management  ENG2055
Techniques of Advanced Journalism  ENG2054
English 10A  ENG2002A/ENG2002B
English 10A, Honors  ENG2003A/ENG2003B
English 11 A, Honors  ENG2005A/ENG2005B
English 11A  ENG2004A/ENG2004B
English 12 A, Honors  ENG2007A/ENG2007B
English 12A  ENG2006A/ENG2006B
English 9A  ENG2000A/ENG2000B
English 9A, Honors  ENG2001A/ENG2001B
English Langauge and Composition, AP A  ENG2031A/ENG2031B
English Literature and Composition, AP A  ENG2032A/ENG2032B
CAP Research Methods  ITR2000
CAP TV Studio Production  AMC2011
CAP Writing News  AMC2010