2018 - 2019 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Science, Engineering, and Technology Education at Northwest HS

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Research in Technology, Advanced A/B  8046/8047
Anatomy and Physiology A/B (BC)  3761/3762
AP PHYSICS C A   3839/3840
Biology A/B (BC)  3631/3632
Biology, Advanced Placement A/B (Double period) (BC)  3651/3652
Biology, Honors A/B (BC)  3621/3622
Biotechnology, Molecular A/B Double Period (SC)  3867/3868
Chemistry A/B (PC)  3721/3722
Chemistry, Advanced Placement A/B (Double period) (PC)  3751/3752
Chemistry, Honors A/B (PC)  3711/3712
Environmental Chemistry A/B PC  3766/3767
Environmental Science A/B (SC)  3661/3662
Environmental Science, Advanced Placement A/B (SC)  3659/3660
Forensic Science A/B (SC)  3864/3865
Nutrition Science A/B (PC)  3560/3561
Physics A/B (PC)  3831/3832
Physics A/B, Honors (PC)  3821/3822
Advanced Design Applications A/B  2808/2809
Advanced Technological Applications A/B  2810/2811
Foundations of Technology A/B  5161/5162
Introduction to Engineering Design A/B  5152/5153
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