2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

English at John F. Kennedy HS

Academic Reading A  ENG2051A/ENG2051B
Basic Reading  ENG2018
College Prep Lit 2  ENG2066
College Prep Lit 4  ENG2068
College Test Prep  NSS2000
Connections A  NSS2032A/NSS2032B
Creative Writing A  ENG2048A/ENG2048B
Inform Argument Speaking  ENG2069
Journalism A  ENG2053A
Journalism B  ENG2053B
Media In Society  ENG2072
Oral Interp Media Study  ENG2070
PARCC HSA Workshop  NSS2001
Pubs Edit/Biz  ENG2055
Techniques of Adv Journl  ENG2054
AP Language and Comp A  ENG2031A/ENG2031B
AP Literature and Comp A  ENG2032A/ENG2032B
English 10A  ENG2002A/ENG2002B
English 11A  ENG2004A/ENG2004B
English 12A  ENG2006A/ENG2006B
English 9A  ENG2000A/ENG2000B
Hon English 10A  ENG2003A/ENG2003B
Hon English 11A  ENG2005A/ENG2005B
Hon English 12A  ENG2007A/ENG2007B
Hon English 9A  ENG2001A/ENG2001B
IB English Literature 1A  ENG2036A/ENG2036B
IB English Literature 2A  ENG2037A/ENG2037B
MCPSPIB English 10A  ENG2035A/ENG2035B
MCPSPIB English 9A  ENG2034A/ENG2034B