2024 - 2025 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Thomas Edison HS of Technology

About These Courses

These courses are offered through the Thomas Edison High School of Technology. To register for a course, you must sign up through your home school counseling office.

Arts, Humanities, Media, and Communications Cluster
Intern Art Media AMC2009
Biosciences, Health Science, and Medicine Cluster
Intern Biosci Hlth Med BHP2003
Intern Medical Careers BHP2017
Medical Career Science A BHP2018A/BHP2018B
Research Biosci HlthMed A BHP2005A/BHP2005B
Construction and Development Cluster
Construction Mgmt 1A TP CON2032A/CON2032B
Construction Tech B TP CON2015B
Adv CAD Applications TP CON2009
Architect Drafting TP CON2042
CAD Technology TP CON2007
Carpentry 2A TP CON2030A/CON2030B
Carpentry Intern CON2036
Construction Tech A TP CON2015A
Electric Intern CON2038
Electricity Const 2A TP CON2025A/CON2025B
Electricity Constr 1B TP CON2045B
HVAC Intern CON2039
Masonry 2A TP CON2017A/CON2017B
Masonry Intern CON2040
Plumbing 1B TP CON2027B
Plumbing 2A TP CON2029A/CON2029B
Plumbing Intern CON2041
Prin Arch Intern CON2037
Residential Design TP CON2008
Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality, and Tourism Cluster
Related Math A MAT2001A/MAT2001B
Economics AOHT CHT2013
Hospitality For AOHT CHT2014
Hospitality Tourism A CHT2012A/CHT2012B
Research NAF A BMF2002A/BMF2002B
Systems For AOHT CHT2015
CCNA II-Routing and Switching Essentials A ITC2033A/ITC2033B
Cosmetology 1A TP EDU2016A/EDU2016B
Cosmetology 2A TP EDU2018A/EDU2018B
Cosmetology 3A TP EDU2017A/EDU2017B
Cul Essentials A CHT2004A/CHT2004B
Int Cultures Cuisines A CHT2000A/CHT2000B
Intern Hospitality Tour CHT2001
Professional Restaurant Management TP 1A CHT2007A/CHT2007B
Restaurant Mgmt 1A CHT2002A/CHT2002B
Restaurant Mgmt 1A DP CHT2003A/CHT2003B
Restaurant Mgmt 2A CHT2006A/CHT2006B
Restaurant Mgmt 2A DP CHT2009A/CHT2009B
Restaurant Mgmt 2A TP CHT2008A/CHT2008B
Travel Geography AOHT A CHT2016A/CHT2016B
Information Technologies Cluster
Network Operations A TP ITC2032A/ITC2032B
Network Operations Guided Research ITC2029
Network Ops Intern ITC2028
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster
ASAP Intern DP TRN2017
Fund Auto Tech TP A TRN2002A/TRN2002B
Auto Tech Intern TRN2015
AutoCollisionRepr Intern TRN2016