2023 - 2024 MCPS High School Course Bulletin


Cosmetology is the art and science of care of the hair, skin and nails. This is a three-year program that requires 1,500 hours of instruction and prepares the student to take the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology examination for a cosmetologist license.

EDU2016A / EDU2016BCosmetolgy 1A TP
EDU2018A / EDU2018BCosmetolgy 2A TP
EDU2017A / EDU2017BCosmetolgy 3A TP

Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTMP)

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is a nationally recognized program developed by industry experts and members of the American Hotel & Lodging Association that offers the Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional credential. Students enrolled in the program build business and management skills related to the lodging and tourism industry. Course fees may apply.

CHT2017A / CHT2017BPrinciples of Hospitality and Tourism A
CHT2025A / CHT2025BHospitality and Tourism Management A
CHT2005Internship, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program offers students opportunities to pursue interests and gain proficiency in all aspects of the food industry, preparing them for a variety of career options. The need for dietary consultants, food scientists, nutritionists, chefs, food service managers, and educators continues to expand. Nutrition, food safety, and sanitation are emphasized as students practice all aspects of meal planning and preparation. ProStart™ outcomes have been infused into the curriculum, providing students with authentic work-based skills. Students have opportunities to take the ServSafe and ProStart™ examinations for certification. Course fees may apply.

CHT2000A / CHT2000BInternational Cultures and Cuisines A
CHT2004A / CHT2004BCulinary Essentials A
CHT2001Internship, Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality and Tourism

Professional Restaurant Management

The Professional Restaurant Management program provides students with the opportunity to explore many career opportunities available in the food-service industry. Students develop skills for employment based on industry standards. Students learn safety and sanitation principles, professional food-handling techniques, and quantity preparation through the use of commercial equipment and systems technology. Nutrition, menu planning, food cost control, and workplace skills are emphasized throughout the program. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) has certified this program and ACF outcomes have been infused into the curriculum, providing industry-based experiences. Students have opportunities to take the ServSafe exam and the National Occupational Competency Testing Institute examinations for certification. Course fees may apply.

CHT2003A / CHT2003BProfessional Restaurant Management DP 1A
CHT2009A / CHT2009BProfessional Restaurant Management DP 2A
CHT2007A / CHT2007BProfessional Restaurant Management TP 1A
CHT2008A / CHT2008BProfessional Restaurant Management TP 2A

Career-Based Electives

CHT2010A / CHT2010BFood Trends and Technology A
EDU2008A / EDU2008BChild and Adolescent Development A
CHT2002A / CHT2002BProfessional Restaurant Management 1A
CHT2006A / CHT2006BProfessional Restaurant Management 2A