2023 - 2024 MCPS High School Course Bulletin

Thomas Edison HS of Technology

About These Courses

These courses are offered through the Thomas Edison High School of Technology. To register for a course, you must sign up through your home school counseling office.

Arts, Humanities, Media, and Communications Cluster
Internship-Arts, Media, and Communications AMC2009
Biosciences, Health Science, and Medicine Cluster
Guided Research in Biosciences A BHP2005A/BHP2005B
Intern Medical Careers BHP2017
Internship Biosciences BHP2003
Medical Career Science A BHP2018A/BHP2018B
Construction and Development Cluster
Construction Mgmt 1A TP CON2032A/CON2032B
Construction Tech B TP CON2015B
Advanced CAD Applications TP CON2009
Architectural Drafting Techniques TP CON2042
Carpentry 2A TP CON2030A/CON2030B
Carpentry Internship CON2036
Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD) Technology: Architectural Applications CON2007
Electricity Construction TP 1B CON2045B
Electricity Construction 2A TP CON2025A/CON2025B
Foundations of Building and Construction CON2015A
HVAC Internship CON2039
Internship, Electricity CON2038
Internship, Principles of Architecture and CAD Technology CON2037
Masonry 2A TP CON2017A/CON2017B
Masonry Internship CON2040
Plumbing 1 B TP CON2027B
Plumbing 2A TP CON2029A/CON2029B
Plumbing Internship CON2041
Residential Design Studio TP CON2008
Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality, and Tourism Cluster
Related Math A MAT2001A/MAT2001B
Economics AOHT CHT2013
Hospitality For AOHT CHT2014
Hospitality Tourism A CHT2012A/CHT2012B
Research NAF A BMF2002A/BMF2002B
Systems For AOHT CHT2015
CCNA II-Routing and Switching Essentials A ITC2033A/ITC2033B
Cosmetolgy 1A TP EDU2016A/EDU2016B
Cosmetolgy 2A TP EDU2018A/EDU2018B
Cosmetolgy 3A TP EDU2017A/EDU2017B
Culinary Essentials A CHT2004A/CHT2004B
International Cultures and Cuisines A CHT2000A/CHT2000B
Internship, Human and Consumer Services, Hospitality and Tourism CHT2001
Professional Restaurant Management DP 1A CHT2003A/CHT2003B
Professional Restaurant Management TP 1A CHT2007A/CHT2007B
Professional Restaurant Management 1A CHT2002A/CHT2002B
Professional Restaurant Management 2A CHT2006A/CHT2006B
Professional Restaurant Management DP 2A CHT2009A/CHT2009B
Professional Restaurant Management TP 2A CHT2008A/CHT2008B
Travel Geography AOHT A CHT2016A/CHT2016B
Information Technologies Cluster
Network Operations A TP ITC2032A/ITC2032B
Network Operations Guided Research ITC2029
Network Operations Internship ITC2028
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Cluster
ASAP Intern DP TRN2017
Fund Auto Tech TP A TRN2002A/TRN2002B
Automotive Collision Repair Internship TRN2016
Automotive Technology Internship TRN2015